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Chemical Corporation are the authorised distributors of Mobil lubricants, operating throughout Wales, Hereford, Shrewsbury, Worcester, Gloucester, Bristol, Swindon, Devon and Cornwall.

We offer, distribute and sell a comprehensive range of Mobil passenger car engine oils, Mobil commercial vehicle and Mobil industrial lubricant products in a complete range of packaging ranging from 1 litre packs through to bulk tanker deliveries. Our vision is to offer products and services that add value to your business and to build long lasting business relationships that are backed by the quality of the Mobil brand.

Mobil lubricants and greases carry more original equipment manufacturers (OEM) approvals than any other brand. Mobil lubricants and greases are engineered for excellence and are continuously being improved by research and development to maintain leading edge performance.

Mobil are leading the way with Energy saving lubricants and are the first to have the energy saving logo on the Mobil DTE 10 Excel range and the new Mobil SHC Synthetic gear oils.

Chemical Corporation also offers a comprehensive range of Absorbents, Aerosols, Cleaning detergents, Paper products, Weed-killers and Rock Salt.

Latest news
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