18 August 2015

500 million litres saved in water reduction drive by Molson Coors

Beer producer Molson Coors is on track towards its 2020 energy targets with reductions in carbon emissions, water use and waste-to-landfill according to its latest sustainability report.

The company reduced its water use by 3.3%, an 8% reduction on its 2011 baseline, saving the company 500 million litres of water.  This initiative is part of its ‘Our Beer Print’ sustainability strategy and aims to achieve total zero waste to landfill together with a 25% energy use reduction and a 15% reduction in carbon emissions reduction by 2020.

Molson Coors which produces brands including Coors Light, Cobra and Carling, invested $11.8m in new anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities for wastewater. The company commissioned a new AD plant at its brewery in Bulgaria in 2014.  Two further projects were added in Serbia and Montenegro in early 2015.  The cuts to water use come as part of Molson Coors’ goal to achieve water reduction 15% as one of its 2020 ‘Our Beer Print’ sustainability goals.

Molson Coors CEO Mark Hunter stated that through the ‘Our Beer Print’ initiative, the company is striving to increase its environmental performance, support an engaged workforce and develop a social purpose for its core brands.

In 2014, Molson Coors was recognised on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for a third year when it cut its energy use by 3.4% and decreased carbon emissions by 2.4%.  The company invested £75m in a new UK energy centre at its Burton brewery, which is expected to cut that sites emissions by 15%.  Molson Coors achieved zero waste to landfill at all its UK breweries and reduced the overall amount of waste generated per pint of beer by 11.5%. Molson Coors has previously found ways to reduce packing waste at its UK breweries, hitting reductions of 6% in 2013 at its UK sites.


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