27 August 2015

The UK's Anaerobic Digestion capacity is now greater than that of Wylfa nuclear power station

New ABDA figures showed that AD now provides more capacity than the Wylfa nuclear power plant in Wales which is being decommissioned this year. The UK's anaerobic digestion (AD) industry has surpassed the 500MW capacity milestone, with 411 plants across the farming, waste and water sectors.

ABDA’s chief executive Charlotte Morton stated that this capacity is extremely valuable because AD generates low-carbon baseload power which helps to keep the lights on and balance the output from intermittent renewables such as wind and solar.  She stated that the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change rightly said that providing baseload is one of her department’s priorities, and biogas should be seen as an important component to our energy security.

Charlotte Morton added that the continued growth of AD was threatened by recent Government decisions, including the removal of Levy Exemption Certificates (LECs) in the summer budget and a four-week consultation aimed at removing pre-accreditation from the Feed-in Tariff.  She said that continued expansion of the industry needs viable support in the forthcoming FIT review and an RHI budget which will support new green gas.  She also added that AD has the potential to meet 30% of UK domestic gas demand and overall it could cut UK greenhouse gas emissions by 4% and support food security and production.

Last month, ABDA reported that the sector had seen electricity generation from bioenergy surge by 40% from 2013-14.  According to figures announced by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, 7% of the UK’s total energy supply (including electricity, heat and fuel for transport) came from renewable sources in 2014. This is an increase from 5.6% in 2013, but still below the level required to meet binding EU targets of 15% by 2020.

Source: edie

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