04 January 2018

2018 is the year to green your commercial vehicle fleet

2018 is expected to be a monumental year for the low-carbon vehicle market, supported by some ambitious green policy frameworks due to come into full force this year.

Organisations looking to reduce vehicle fuel use, emissions and costs now have access to a new guide produced by edie which breaks down everything you need to know when it comes to greening your fleet and accelerating the transition to low-carbon vehicles.

Produced in association with automotive giant BMW, the guide provides a combination of step-by-step guidance, expert insight and top tips to help businesses reduce fleet emissions. Huge growth in the electric vehicle market has fuelled a significant increase in the number of organisations focusing on greener vehicles, but a number of key questions must be answered in order to maximise the benefits of green fleet investments.


Which organisations and industries will benefit the most from transitioning to low-carbon vehicles? Which fuel types are the most efficient? What role can technology play in changing driver behaviours? Answers to all of those questions and more, form a comprehensive, easy-to-understand outline of green business fleets.

BMW i and iPerformance national corporate sales manager for BMW Group UK, Hannah Bishop, provides a viewpoint on how the German manufacturer is striving to be the most sustainable premium technology mobility provider in the world. "From cradle to grave, whether our vehicles are bought, leased, rented or shared, it is paramount that sustainability is at the heart of it – this benefits not only our customers, but everyone," Bishop states.

The UK Government has pledged to "seize the opportunities of moving to zero-emission vehicles" through its new Industrial Strategy, while the long-awaited Air Quality Plan includes a commitment to phase-out all new petrol and diesel cars and vans by the year 2040.

Source: edie

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