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Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd has developed a complete oil exchange service package designed for the wind turbine service industry both on and offshore.  This not only offers customers the superb range of Mobil SHC approved lubricants, but also a new and innovative method in getting these products up to the gearbox that could be standing over 400ft in the air even at sea.

We are the European Distributors for premiere USA equipment supplier Sage Oil Vac.  By using a Sage Oil Vac gear oil exchange pumping unit to carry out these lubricant exchanges we can remove some of the dangers that have historically surrounded servicing these towering giants in the past, making servicing safer, cleaner, faster and more cost effective than ever before.

We are strategic business partners of James Fisher Marine Services Ltd (part of James Fisher PLC) and have worked with them to provide the new Ship-to-Turbine (STT)™ innovative solution to gearbox oil exchange in an offshore wind turbine.

STT™ employs a proven vacuum preheating and filtration technology to transfer the oil from a self-contained deck mounted unit, through umbilical hoses directly to the gearbox. The system ensures the delivery of clean product to DIN ISO 4406:99 standards, eliminating the need to fill and hoist oil containers via the nacelle crane.

STT™ improves technician utilisation, reduces turbine down-time and provides a zero leakage hose coupling to prevent environmental contamination. Successful trials demonstrated a considerable reduction in oil exchange operations to as low as four hours total pumping time per turbine, significantly improving operational efficiency in oil exchange operations.

Drawing on group capability, James Fisher is an unrivalled world-leader in transporting safe, clean product around the UK. In the last 10 years there has been successful shipping of in excess of 60 Billion litres of clear petroleum products, without the loss of life or spillage to water.  To find out more click here:

Watch the Mobil SHC Gear 320 WT video below:

Mobilgear SHC Gear 320 WT must perform well on multiple dimensions to meet the demands of gear boxes in wind turbines. The product is characterized by outstanding anti wear and load carrying properties and provides long term protection against rust and corrosion. Alongside with superb filterability and excellent water tolerance it comes with a 7 year warranty from ExxonMobil.

For more details on our complete wind turbine service package, Sage Oil Vac oil exchange equipment and specialist Mobil lubricants for the wind turbine industry please visit our specialist wind service web site at:

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