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ChemCorp are proud to announce that we undertook the Cardiff 5k Corporate Run Challenge 2014 to raise money for the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Charity.

Please help us to continue supporting this great cause by donating on our Just Giving page.

Noah’s Ark need to raise a further £7m for the Children’s Hospital for Wales. This will fund a number of vital projects for Phase Two, including:

A MRI scanner

An MRI Scanner will provide the best possible paediatric imaging available in order in keep the number of scans needed by a patient to a minimum.

A hydrotherapy pool

Hydrotherapy is a form of physiotherapy carried out in a heated purpose-built pool. Currently paediatric patients are treated in the adult hydrotherapy pool, however this is only available for one hour per week. This means that around 500 children who would benefit from hydrotherapy treatment miss out each year.

2 computer-integrated operating theatres

The Children’s Hospital for Wales will be one of the very few children’s hospitals in the UK to install such modern equipment. The integrated operating theatres are specially designed and built to treat children, and have several key advantages. Read more about our ‘Theatres of the Future’.

Equipment for the new Paediatric Critical Care Unit

Noah's Ark will provide new equipment for the Critical Care Unit that will combine intensive and high dependency care. This specialist equipment is expensive but it is vital that this crucial unit has the most advanced technology available.

An enclosed garden

The Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales will have a wonderful large enclosed garden that will be a safe haven for patients and their families. The garden will be used for leisure, therapy, education and rehabilitation.

You can read more about Noah's Ark and their valuable work at:


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